Trois Gourmands

Assorted Cheese
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Trois Gourmands is a French restaurant in District 2 serving up 5, 6 or 7 course meals. We opted for 6 but in hindsight feel that even 5 is enough food for all but the most gluttonous of French food lovers. … Continue reading


Grilled chicken
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Middle eastern food, specifically Lebanese food is rare in Ho Chi Minh City. Sahraan serves Egyptian food and it is reasonably priced. The grilled chicken is surprisingly delicious. The mixed grill is passable. The falafel are much more moist than I’m … Continue reading

Pizza 4P’s revisited

Prosciutto mozzarella
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The first time we visited Pizza 4P’s it knocked our socks off, blew us away etc. etc. etc. You can no longer get a table without a reservation and their original location has expanded again and they’ve opened a 2nd location. … Continue reading


Burger & fries
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Chuck’s is a really popular spot for American style hamburgers. Maybe I don’t get it because of not being American myself but the food just seems average. It doesn’t cure my homesickness or anything like that. I would eat it … Continue reading

Dijon’s Pizza

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Dijon’s pizza recently opened down the road from us but is constantly empty. One day during one of our walks we decided to stop in. The food is not bad. Not the best by any means but tasty enough if … Continue reading

Khói Thơm

Chicken enchiladas
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Mexican food is having its time in the spotlight at the moment. I can see why. It’s delicious. Here at Khói Thơm they’re doing it ‘fresher’ than the rendition offered at La Fiesta but both are delicious in my opinion. I think … Continue reading

La Fiesta

Beef shank tacos
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When Scott and Binh’s closed down it was a sad day. Thankfully they opened a new restaurant in District 1, much closer to home. Menu is less adventurous but more focused on Tex Mex – which is not a bad thing … Continue reading

Spicy Fish

Won tons
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No spicy fish was consumed on this occasion. The food was spicy though, just look at the colour! Eaten with white rice (not pictured – you know what white rice looks like) At Spicy Fish, Melbourne, Australia