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Brussels sprouts

Blackened brussels sprouts with burnt garlic butter and sautéed mushrooms. Normally I use olive oil and bacon but tried something different today. It’s good, but not better.

Brussels sprouts are a vegetable I quite enjoy. Unlike many people whom have what can only be described as a phobia to the vegetable, I did not grow up eating them (they’re not common in Vietnamese cuisine). As a result, I had never been exposed to brussels sprouts that were boiled to death becoming grey, soggy and emitting a sulphurous odour. Instead I discovered brussels sprouts as an adult, enjoying them prepared deliciously and appreciating their outstanding nutritional value. Some time ago I went through a bit of a phase, in the process curing some peoples’ phobias!

Made by yours truly.


  1. mc

    Just Divine. So were the sprouts 😀

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