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Canley Hotel Bistro

From time to time Maggie and I crave hot chips. And by time to time I mean a few times a day 😀 Usually we resist the temptation but periodically – and by periodically I mean sometimes – we give in to temptation. This day was one of those days.

Beer battered chips: delicious, crisp and many other things a chip should be. A friend had told Maggie about them and they delivered the goods. Highly recommended.

‘Gourmet’ beef burger: this was ok. Nothing outstanding but nothing bad. Just good. Sadly the chips weren’t the same as the beer battered kind and were pretty lame.

Beef nachos: a surprise, since we weren’t expecting them to be quite so large. Was satisfying but I think it needs to be shared with friends and eaten with a beverage and it was too early in the day for that. I’d probably opt for the meat-free version next time.

Overall reasonable prices especially considering the largeish portion sizes.

At Canley Hotel Bistro, Canley Heights

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