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Mango Bay – Day 2

I was a tiny bit disappointed that the complementary breakfast at Mango Bay Resort is not a buffet. This is however in line with their mission to have a minimal impact on the environment by recycling and re-using and wasting little as possible. All worries about food quality and quantity however were quickly done away with…

It is a limited a la carte menu with a number of western and Vietnamese breakfast options and some days there were blackboard specials too. Each is accompanied by complimentary bread and fruit baskets and 1 juice and 1 hot beverage. To be honest, I would have been perfectly happy to have stopped there. However…

The ‘western’ breakfast was to a high standard, but the real stars of the show were the Vietnamese breakfasts. The cơm tấm is one of if not the best I have ever eaten let alone in Vietnam and all the flavours were spot on for my tastes.

Dinner wowed us less. The grilled scallops weren’t quite what I was expecting – not seared – and the use of Vietnamese herbs was to me a bit of a shame as butter would have been tastier. Also should have known the chicken and cashew ‘burrito’ was a far cry from authenticity but I gave it a go anyway. It was ok. The duck stack had mash, fried morning glory and garlic and fried mango flower patty. This too was just ok.

At Mango Bay Resort, Phú Quốc, Vietnam

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