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Mushroom mania

What do you cook when your guests are gluten intolerant and – for the most part – Vegan? Mushrooms of course! Generally speaking I don’t need any convincing to dig into mushrooms however it is rarely eaten without meat let alone as a main course.

So when our friends Peter and Fiona came over for lunch I went a bit crazy and bought almost every kind of fresh mushroom I could find at Fred’s One Stop Shopping and whipped up a rather funny looking pile of mushrooms. Not to be outdone in the protein department we also added some fried eggplant and deep-fried some tofu.

Toss it up with some vermicelli and the usual array of Vietnamese herbs and leaves and you are left with a surprisingly satisfying meal and all without meat. Amazing!

I prefer to dress my vermicelli with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt flakes but some prefer fish sauce. Each to their own, but I’m pretty sure olive oil is healthier 😉

At Vungry HQ by Maggie and I.

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