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Phỡ 99

I reckon that there are as many opinions of who makes the best phỡ as there are people in Vietnam, if not more. This is understandable since Vietnamese people love eating but food can be expensive. Opinions can be bought cheaply though 😉

Phỡ 99 had the best Phỡ of the trip for me. Not only did the broth have incredible depth of flavour but the meat and noodles were fresh and the meatballs were delicious. Condiments and herbs lacked nothing and the dish we ordered alongside it is a kind of dry, pan-fried phỡ which I’ve only heard about but never eaten, so decided to give it a go. My wife tells me this is not the dish she remembers at all but alas… it was ok too.

At Pho 99, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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