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Pizza 4P’s revisited

The first time we visited Pizza 4P’s it knocked our socks off, blew us away etc. etc. etc. You can no longer get a table without a reservation and their original location has expanded again and they’ve opened a 2nd location. They’ve also opened up their organic farms’ supply chain to the public by means of an online grocery delivery service. They are doing very well and making a difference to the organic food scene here.

This time however we were less impressed by the food. Maybe it’s because it now seems more like a factory and less of a secret, rebellious pizza parlour down down a smell hẻm. Maybe we’ve since been exposed to other equally or more delicious foods in this fair city. Either way they certainly don’t need our endorsement and we haven’t made it back since. I’m sure one day we’ll be back (after booking 2 weeks prior).

At Pizza 4P’s, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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