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Strawberry farm

We had heard about the strawberry farm at Mangere from a number of different people by word of mouth. I mean I like fresh strawberries and I guess I don’t mind strawberry icecream but would I travel halfway across town for it? Normally I don’t think I would. But what the hey, we’re on holiday! And according to the internets it is a “must visit!!!”

It appears that this place is run by Chinese and/or Vietnamese – see photos of the field workers and the NO EFTPOS sign in very large graffiti ghetto style. Aside from just selling strawberries as the name may suggest there are also plenty of fresh vegetables at very reasonable prices. The strawberry icecream is clearly the best selling item though as crowds had travelled here on this rather warm day to enjoy it.

Each icecream is made to order by combining freshly crushed strawberries with I’m assuming plain vanilla icecream using a rather primitive looking pump device however the end result is icecream that has been infused with what were seconds ago whole, fresh strawberries – how’s that for unprocessed food! It was rather delicious.

At Strawberry Farm, Mangere, New Zealand

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