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Vugly but tasty

Some whom I have eaten with have asked why not all the photos of food we eat make it to the front page of this blog. There are a few reasons but usually it’s because I didn’t get any good shots due to lighting, plating etc. or because the food is ugly. Vugly even.

Maybe I’m vain, or maybe I’m just like countless others who engage other senses such as sight when eating, but one of this blog’s visions was for beautiful (to me at least) photo blogging of food. See the mission statement on this blog’s About page. The photos published to this blog are generally trying to appeal to a global audience, not just a select few who may be ‘in the know’ about certain vugly but tasty foods.

Tonight I decided to indulge you with photos of a couple of not so vugly but still ugly dishes that are exempt from the usual guidelines by virtue of their deliciousness.

The first of these is chilli cheese fries. I don’t think it’s possible to make this dish attractive and if it is it won’t taste as good as if it were ugly. Past experience is needed here for seeing any beauty in this dish. The specimen featured here is full of chunky, quality ingredients and was consumed at the same time as the heart attack burger.

The second is a curry. For the longest time I avoided curries because ingredients cannot usually be determined simply by sight let alone aesthetics. Deliciousness helps and this is a photo of an extra hot lamb vindaloo – just look at how red it is. Presentation is acceptable thanks to a mango chicken curry and some naan bread in the frame. The chilli is for the most part decorative – it actually tasted rather sweet and was a welcome relief to the fiery heat of the curry. We ate Indian several times this trip – this time at the Ganesh in Hoi An, one of a few such named branches throughout Vietnam.

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