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Campbelltown fried chicken

I’ll be the first one to admit that I have a weakness for fried chicken. And like many an Australian born Chinese/Asian child my weakness for fried chicken has led me down an oily and delicious path in search of fried chicken outside of KFC’s stranglehold.

There is a chain of rogue fried chicken shops that over the years seems to have shared a recipe and formula but have slowly died off probably due to KFC’s domination of the fried chicken market in Australia. I believe with a reasonable degree of confidence that they are related to one another because their chicken, chips and gravy all taste pretty much the same, they have very similar menus and pricing structures and they all kind of have the same homely but dirty appeal to them. Yes, it’s true and I am not ashamed.

The first of these was Sydney Fried Chicken in Chester Hill, then there was OZ Fried Chicken in Seven Hills. Chicken King in Woodcroft and Campbelltown Fried Chicken in – you guessed it – Campbelltown are the only surviving stores that I know of.

This blog’s photo is a 2 piece snack pack with 2 pieces of fried chicken, chips and gravy. Frankly, the chips and gravy in this formation make me a little crazy, but this sort of thing tends to happen when you combine nostalgia with deliciousness and deep-fried.

At Campbelltown Fried Chicken, Campbelltown

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