Dear Netizen,

Congratulations! You have reached a happy place on the internets 🙂

Vungry entered the world in January 2013 out of want for quick and simple yet beautiful photo blogging of food. A previous attempt at achieving this was hindered by the fact that editing, checking and graphic designing took more time than blogging itself.

People are becoming increasingly time-poor it seems, yet with the advent of social media, the desire to share and remain connected has never been greater.

From this problem the concept for Vungry was conceived: A website design allowing food photos to take centre-stage with all else being secondary. No tags, no tweets, no tight integration to social networking and hopefully not too many words.

Never mind that it took nearly a year to move from concept to completion but in this day and age sometimes it is actually harder to keep things simple – both on the website you see and for the back-end we use (not to mention we are also time-poor!)

I’m afraid we’ll have to end it there, since everyone is so time-poor and such.

Enjoy the website.

– dc