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Combination stir fried rice noodles

‘Asian inspired’ stir fried rice noodles. They’re not the flat kind as is the norm so strictly speaking is not deserving of the title “Hủ tiếu xào thập cẩm” but is worthy of being dubbed leftover Phỡ noodle stir fried with egg, bacon, sautéed mushroom, Chinese broccoli, carrot, beef flank (also leftover from phỡ) and baby spinach. Seasoned with garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and chilli. We had no tofu this time and had to resist adding sun-dried tomato and capsicum or eggplant but we did add butter and olive oil to satisfy our culturally adventurous tendencies.

A team effort by Team Maggie-and-I.

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