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Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s is something of a rogue pizzeria. First of all it is located down a tiny alley in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. Secondly it unapologetically fuses Japanese and Italian to create some frankly disturbing combinations but thirdly it does so deliciously.

We had some pasta and salad as well but these were not as beautiful to look at as the teriyaki chicken and prosciutto mozzarella pizzas we had. That blob of hand-made buffalo mozzarella is filled with cream that oozes out as soon as it is cut. Delicious!

The pizza crust is perfectly balanced between thinness and crispiness as well as chewiness and texture. I don’t believe they make any claims as to authenticity as they do for deliciousness. Ingredients are as good as I’ve seen in Australia. Decor and atmosphere are reasonably good, with the attached bar looking pretty swish.

From Pizza 4P’s, Ho Chi Minh City

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