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Trois Gourmands

Trois Gourmands is a French restaurant in District 2 serving up 5, 6 or 7 course meals. We opted for 6 but in hindsight feel that even 5 is enough food for all but the most gluttonous of French food lovers. If you plan to eat here, set aside a few hours.

Each dish is so rich with butter, truffles and foie gras featuring regularly. We are not small eaters and struggled to finish the amuse bouche(s), 2 entrees, 1 main, cheeses and dessert(s). At every step extras were being thrown in – incredibly generous of them – but it meant if we wanted to eat dessert we had to take home all the cheeses.

This was quite an eye opening experience. It is not cheap but considering the sheer quantity of food we felt that the set menus are rather good value, especially considering the high quality ingredients used throughout, not to mention all the extra surprises.

At Trois Gourmands, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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