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VN 772

I haven’t flown much compared to most people, but the few times I have flown the in-flight food has either been surprisingly pleasant or an interesting novelty. I don’t remember the last time I flew Vietnam Airlines but let’s put it out there: the food is terrible – and that is with already lowered expectations. I don’t meant to rant but… actually, I do remember flying domestically last year and the food sucked that time too! I am not looking forward to flying with them again but unfortunately the tickets are booked. Surely in this day and age the standard of catering must be better than this…

This was a code share flight with Qantas. They are doing the red kangaroo no favours. If it weren’t for the fact that they are the only direct flight from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City I really don’t think there is anything else to save them. The plane was aged and many of our entertainment features were broken or faulty and sadly Vietnamese air hospitality is very, very lacking in comparison to other national airlines I’ve flown with.

On Vietnam Airlines flight VN 772 flying from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City

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