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Mango Bay – Day 3

Following on from yesterday‘s surprisingly good Vietnamese breakfasts we decided to choose phỡ for breakfast and again the flavours were spot on and among the best we’ve had in Vietnam. Portions seemed a little small but that may have been because we enjoyed them so much and could easily have gone for seconds (or thirds)

Had some tapas before sunset which were all quite good and perfectly portioned. The only minor complaint is sauces are on the salty side such as the tomato sauce the chorizo was bathing in and the black bean dipping sauce that came with the bò lá lốt. The calamari was delicious but then again, isn’t it always? (unless you’re a goose)

Desserts were a mixed bag. The fruit spring rolls filled with mango and banana sound delicious in theory but the execution left some to be desired. I think if a different wrapper was used rather than the usual savoury kind it might have done a fair bit better. Pastry perhaps, but then how do you go about deep frying them…? The apple crumble served with salted caramel ice cream and was rather gastronomically good!

At Mango Bay Resort, Phú Quốc, Vietnam

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